The Start of a New Year

Well where did 2016 go?  Such a busy year but also personally a very challenging one in many ways.  Throughout I found my Crochet and Art to be a big stress buster, especially Crochet when I could sit with my squidgy wool and hook and feel comforted.

I know many of you know what I mean by that!  So what did I achieve in 2016 well here are some of my favourite projects…..


Loved making these blankets with such inspiring designs!  I even managed to make a few things for myself… now thats new!


Yes a cardi, a beautiful shawl, terrible photo sorry, the pattern by Julie Blagojevich – Schaumburg, and of course the must have bag for all you magazines.

I also at last mastered socks , great for my walking boots.  Will definitely be making more of those. Lots of other little projects, too many to post here or you will be falling asleep!

One thing I am proud of in 2016 is that I really stretched myself started to teach Crochet classes in our local town.  It all started as a way of raising funds for Velindre Cancer Fundraising, as my Daughter and Son in Law took part in the ‘Ride the Rockies’ cycle challenge. 450+  Kilometres around the Rockies in Canada.  (So proud of them!!)


All the class fees were donated to their fund, and I even Crocheted a mascot for them to take with them.  Well you just got to have a mascot haven’t you!  Of course as I am Welsh the mascot was a Sheep!  A lovely photo above from  his travels around Canada, and one with the Green Green Grass of Home. (Sorry had to get that in)

So what does 2017 hold for me?  Well I am continuing with the Crochet classes, thats keeping me busy !  I have also decided to go all out and start the International Diploma in Crochet course.  I have seen a lot of blogs about it and decided to go for it, so watch this space as my journey commences. Of course there will still be crochet class to prepare for and new projects I hope to design…. oh dear how will I fit it all in!

Bye for now, hope you all have a happy, healthy and creative New Year!

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