Sparkly Cowl


Last October we made a visit to Aberaeron West Wales, a beautiful place to visit on the coast, with colourful houses and beautiful long walks along the coast, well worth a visit .

Of course there just happened to be a craft shop with lots of yummy yarn, my lucky day!  I was very disciplined (yes really, it took a lot of strength ) and after a lot of restraint I just bought a few balls of a lovely sparkly yarn by Katina, called Air Lux. It’s 70% Viscose, 30% Merino Wool so really soft and warm, also sparkly. I’ve never come across yarn like this before .


I had Christmas presents in mind when I bought it and something for my daughter as she just loves wearing black, so this would be perfect!

I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, I thought to make a Cowl for evening wear and jotted down a few ideas , it was lovely to work with and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

The yarn recommended a size 2-2.5mm hook but I used a size 3.5mm because I wanted that drapey feel to the finished Cowl. The pattern consists of a 5 row  pattern repeat , see my little chart below if you would like to give this a go. Stitches used were UK terms half treble and double crochet.

Not very neat but guess you can work out my scribbles!  you could substitute  Trebles (uk terms) instead of the Half Trebles if you want . I started with ch46 for  the width, the final row was a row of DC which I made into the initial ch46 foundation row, which completed the pattern nicely.  Also I found the two rows of dc, between the the pattern rows ,  just balanced and held the shape of the cowl nicely.  I am happy to say it was a big hit with my daughter at Christmas along with the fingerless mittens I made out of the remainder of the two balls.

Hope you give it a go!


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