It’s Never too late to learn!

I am having great fun with the ladies at my crochet class, they are so enthusiastic and eager to learn new stitches and techniques!  This week we tackled Chevrons or Ripples, in a few different styles.  Firstly, they all made the mistake I am sure we’ve all made at some point and not crocheted the increase on the first and last stitches of the row, which lead to mis-aligned ‘Valleys” and ‘Mountains” as I like to call them, (its the Welsh in me) but after a few more goes they have it sussed!  I really enjoyed making up some swatches to show them and of course the charts to work from.  Aren’t they pretty?


So I’ve been thinking for a while now that perhaps I should develop and hone my skills, especially as my class members are steaming ahead… so I took the plunge and enrolled for the International Diploma in Crochet.  A course developed and run by Pauline Turner, on her website called Crochet Design.  Its not an online course, we have to send swatches and projects written and practical to be assessed .  So I am officially back in School! Aghhh…

My long term goal is to design and write patterns and especially charted patterns in crochet as I just love charts…. I am sure I’m not alone on that one (am I?!) and this is something I teach my ladies at class, makes life so much easier when explaining stitch patterns .

So for part I of III of the first part of the diploma, (Yes there is a lot to do already…) requires about 35 swatches in total to be made up and my first have been sent off for assessment and returned marked.  I was very pleased and relieved to receive high marks and excellent for the first submissions. Funny how after crocheting for many years, you suddenly doubt yourself, even on the basics!


The first samples included; a triangle of dc starting at the point, a square of trebles, a network of chains with four straight sides and a square of dc suitable for seaming.  Only one sample has to be re-submitted and that was a triangle of trebles working to a point.  Apparently, I should have decreased even on the very first row to get perfect points at each corner, well there you go, I have learned something already!

I also had a ‘Well I didn’t know that!’ moment…..some good working practices for crochet which requires turning chains, and that it is – it’s ok to reduce or increase the number of chains no matter what stitch your doing in order to get a nice neat finish and also for me to chain before I turn, turning my work not like a book page but reverse as if turning the page back… get me?   This means that I could easily see the last turning chain to work into.   May just be me and your all doing that anyway, but it certainly was a very handy thing to remember.

So my second batch has gone off, and I am swiftly moving on to the next swatches, I may be slightly addicted 😉


6 thoughts on “It’s Never too late to learn!

  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog as I was reading Coastal Crochet’s latest post. Like you I am Welsh and half way through Part 1 of Pauline Turner’s IDC. Your samples look excellent – the tension is so even. My remaining samples include Broomstick and Hairpin …. yes that’s right the difficult ones!
    I also have a group of lovely ladies and I’ve been teaching them to read charts. They have recently completed enough practice squares to make a blanket – it’s on my blog “Chartbusting …. literally”. Being able to read charts has made a huge difference to my crochet confidence and I am trying to get them to feel the love! Good luck with your samples – I look forward to reading more of your updates … keep up the good work. Jenny 🌸🌸

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    • Hi Jenny! Well we do have a lot in common don’t we, including your name (also my daughters ) :D. Where do you teach your classes? I still have the hairpin lace and broomstick lace to tackle but have been a little side tracked lately working on some projects for a workshop I’m involved with . Charts are great aren’t they! I wish all patterns included them. My goal is to write patterns with charts! Thank you for taking the time to comment and following my new blog 😀

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      • Hi Liz. We live in Ross-on-Wye near the Welsh border so not that for away. What are you doing the workshop on? I did one for beginners in Abergavenny and three of the five participants were left-handed! Loved hearing from you. 🌸🌸x

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      • Ah yes not too far and a lovely area too. It’s a combined workshop with 5 other crafts , I will be just doing a taster, a floral heart hanging, great if you have some crochet knowledge but if not , well I’m sure you’ve encountered the can’t get past how to how the hook challenges haha. It will be an interesting one for sure! I’ll be posting on the blog no doubt, just got to remember to take photos ;). x

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  2. Hi Liz. I just read in the comments at Coastal Crochet blog that you have lost some samples for your IDC course in the post. Poor you! How annoying and frustrating! It makes me nervous too – yesterday I sent off my seven buttons and three edgings. I would definitely not want to redo those items. I do send my projects by registered post and I started off doing that with samples as well but it was proving to be very expensive. How’s your blog going? Bet you are really busy with all the other things you have on.
    All the best, x 🌸🌸

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    • Hi Jenny,
      Yes annoying but it could have been worse at least it wasn’t some bigger projects I guess. I send then through work and all our parcels go directly to the sorting office so it’s very unusual. Oh well, no point in dwelling! How did you find the buttons? I’ve never made those! Yes really busy, going to do a blog post today of my strawberry clutch pattern, first attempt at writing a pattern, eek! I’d appreciate your comments when you see it, if I’m on the right track. X

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