12718262_1679772708930218_5968127303176600996_nWell Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my Blog!

My name is Liz and ….I am a Crochetholic. (sorry that just seemed to fit!)  Seriously I LOVE Crochet, and Painting and Sewing and pretty much anything creative.  I have ventured out into the world of Blogging with no idea what to do (can you tell?) but hey you’ve got to keep up sometimes.

So a little about me, I live in sunny (not) South Wales with my Darling Hubby.  I have three gorgeous grown up Children, one still insisting to live with us, must be my cooking!

I learned to Crochet when I was about 3years old, so my Mum tells me, so just a little while back .  After many breaks, I have resumed fully to this creative hobby, however, thinking of my goals for this year, well how about  to succeed at this blogging lark, or at least write something interesting to others,  and also I really really would like to design and write my own patterns.  Now theres a challenge but an exciting one no doubt! I also want to continue my Painting and also combine sewing and crochet in more of my projects.

I currently teach a Crochet  in aid of Charity, in our local Town Centre, Caerphilly, to a small group of enthusiastic and lovely ladies, and with my goals  for creating and publishing patterns and  also improving my own skills  I have also just embarked on a Diploma Course in Crochet. Doesn’t that sound great, watch this space!

I hope you find something on my blog you like or at least that makes you smile!

‘Every Day should be filled with at least a little sunshine and hopefully the time to be creative’

Happy Hooking!